The AA Bus Stop

Project RV?

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Be brilliant as a Camper Home

You’d probably be a bit better off with an Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 or Dennis Dart.

Optare Solo isn’t known for it’s reliability. Especially if it has an MAN Engine…

I lost count of the number of times I boiled one over.

Radiator is on the nearside behind the rear axle. The Radiator Fan takes air from here as well as road dirt and debris, blocking the Radiator…

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Good news for some !

But, would you get one, in that condition, for that money ?

Good question! I’ll have a look.

If the price includes tyres, that’s unusual.

Would avoid to be honest. I drove these in service from new for a few years. Reliability was poor. Very poor.

I’d be checking it very carefully as spares can be costly as well as paying someone to fix it.

The previously mentioned ADL Enviro is plentiful and most bus engineers know their way around it.


On another note, with apologies for the rubbish pics from the car at short notice, this was trundling up the M5 around lunchtime.


Leyland Tiger PS Series! A thing of beauty! Thank you very much for taking and posting the photos!

Great to see one on the road!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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That’s lovely :heart_eyes: Proper bus.

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Just seen my first Qatar world cup liveried bus.

I know the 2012 Olympics sentient teeth mascots were the sort of thing that would frighten small children, but Caspar the Friendly Keffiyeh is currently weirding me the fuck out.


I thought you were at the wind up there… The best marketing people in the world and they came up with a sheet/ghost.
They should have went for something more symbolic of Qatari culture.


Ghost of a dead stadium labourer?


I think it’s nice that they’re really taking soccer back to its roots…




That is eccentrically brilliant.

Check out the reply to this for some European bus porn Stu @MonitorGold10 :grinning:

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Ikarus was once the largest Bus Manufacturer in the world! Boroline Maidstone had some Ikarus bodied DAF buses for Park and Ride services years ago!

Thankyou for finding and sharing this wonderful image !:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


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This is the reply one


These are beautiful !:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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