The Allotment has nearly had a clean shave

Only the sprouts, late cabbages, turnips. parsnips and leeks still in the ground.

Time to bring out the rotavator and spread the compost.

Scary, only 8 weeks until I set the chilli seeds.

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Nearly finished our winter digging, just planted some spring cabbage. Going to plant broad beans, onions, garlic and some peas.

Our spring cauliflowers were set in July - should be flowering in Apr - May. They grow massive and freeze well.

Only tried caulis once and not a great success, may try again next year.

We moved house last year and got behind with the plot, it’s been really hard work this year so determined to start the new year on top.

You do realise Waitrose offer fresh veg all year round?


I like wonky

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We had an allotment once. Waited about 8 years on the list to get it, then spent endless hours preparing it for use.

I realised quite quickly that it was just a means of wasting precious hours cultivating a variety of organic produce that no fucker actually likes to eat these days.

Made no sense whatsoever*

*This is my personal opinion, not necessarily shared by my significant other (who thinks I am very odd).

You could always try growing something that you will eat.

Wot, like pizza or chicken nuggets?

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You should keep chickens.

Only apples left in our garden. Naturally, cider will be made.

Can they make pizza?


Define “fresh” Mine are 10 min from picked, with no chemicals.


I have no defence.

They’re all made of chemicals…


How the hell, no chemicals?
Not even a bit of o2?

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Oh alright, but just nice chemicals.


Digging done :grinning:

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Bloody hell, it’s that time again.

Still harvesting cabbage, cauliflower, sprouts and leeks.

Time to start setting pepper seeds tomorrow :grin:

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