The Allotment has nearly had a clean shave

My grass is crap,the astro turf will be going down hopefully soon.

I can’t imagine it would smoke nearly so well.



Need pictures, both of grass and the artificial stuff


At least the xmas tree looks healthy;

How it was last June;

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Were you a football league groundsman back in the seventies ??


The canine culprit is in both pics - grass don’t like dog pee :laughing: it goes Patchy

Is it some kind of ‘Spot the difference’ competition?

There’s a bike by the shed in the first pic? No Christmas tree? Otherwise, I’m struggling.

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Not long now,i’m expecting premier team calls for ground maintinance tips.

Newport County might be interested :smile:

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Sorting out the bottom end of the garden. Had to shift 3 ft high x ten foot deep midden heap, even found a buried water butt in there!

Green house up and for of the six raised bed done.

Borders in the rest of the garden are being re built and a new path popped in. Plan to complete this by end March, nearly there.


Fair play! That looks like a load of really heavy work…

Cheers, a lot of those border stones are 25 to 30kg!

Pallet sides make great raised beds. They come complete with zinc plated hinges, a quick coat of preservative and away you go. Stack them two high, bloody ideal.

Raked the lawn today, getting ready for first cut

I dream of having grass to cut

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I thought this thread was about something else entirely…must be my mind…

Anyway, on my 6.5 mile walk the other day (did I mention I’d done a walk?) I passed a number allotments all of which had very dodgy looking blokes with white vans furiously throwing courgettes and iceberg lettuces in the back of them.

Black market.

No chance of that if your groupies keep coming over to hear your horns


A young Jim?


will someone please come and dig up my front garden, lay a suitable base for a drive and create a drive from gravel…

That was some walk… Spain and back :smiley:

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