The Allotment has nearly had a clean shave


Most things planted now. Parsnips, leeks, cabbages, cauliflowers, beetroot, peas, runner, broad, dwarf and climbing beans, sprouts and potatoes all in. Sweetcorn and swede next week.

Greenhouses ready too. 11 tomato’s 5 chillies, planted. Courgettes, marrow, cucumbers ready to be re-potted, all grown from seed. Off to the nursery next week to buy the grafted sweet peppers.

And then REST…


Good work, we are way behind this year.

Combination of bad weather, work and bad back.


Plenty of time to catch up, don’t worry.


It’s a struggle but want to try and keep plot going for retirement


Mine is just a patch at the end of the garden. Raised beds mean you can go out and do 1 or 2 beds rather than struggling with a massive patch. Makes it much easier.


Looks great. I’ve kept on top of most maintenance except weeding a few areas, and we had a major Burn today in what was really unsuitable weather, but I’ve got no veg of any sort planted anywhere and the little nursery up the road is selling-up so no seedlings from them any more :frowning:
Too much wedding stuff to do now.


First cauliflower of the year ready to pick


Very nice, but what are you going to do with it? :laughing:


Superb , are you based in Lincs ?


No, Shropshire :smiley:


Cauliflower cheese :heart_eyes:


Crikey ! I’d forgotten that there even was a county called Shropshire.


It’s where the ankles come from…


been looking for prunus shirofugen cherry tree for many months now and finally got one at pershore agricultural college last week . this is to replace a cherry tree that died


Garden’s a lot easier this year, enjoying the Lilac while it lasts.


that lilac is just beautiful , love the stone wall at the end with all the moss . a real feature


Carrots have failed. Too much nitrogen and too closely planted. Never mind, carrot tops are epic as a herb :+1:


Heard about this and thought of you. Virtually eliminates weed growth.


is that bamboo at the back by the fence ?


The kitchen Basil.