The Allotment has nearly had a clean shave


Chilli peppers, leeks, broad beans and sweet peas all growing well. 3 x raised beds composted and turned over. 2 more tomorrow.

It’ll ramp up soon. :joy:


Fuck it, nuff for today


Got your boots on the wrong feet Bob :slight_smile:


With the Chelsea flower show just round the corner,i thought it high time to do the final tweak to the garden;


Nice touch, opening the curtains in the shed, it’s a gold medal winner for sure.


Even the daffodils looked pissed off,and the broom has killed itself.
The xmas tree looks confused,and is not sure whether to live or die.


Roman road complete.


you entering as a show garden?


Satellite TV in the shed! Nice!


Why is there a row of bricks across it?




Little bridge for the slugs to cross?


Does Bob strike you as being that considerate?


And Doggo taking on watering duties. Partnership is wot I like!


Keep out the Mexicans? Seems to be working by the looks of it. I’m sure the Tangerine Thundercunt will shell out the billions for such a well designed prototype.



That isn’t straight?


It,s a fucking mined bridge for the slugs, thought of everything me.

Oh, it’s a small step too.


A giant leap for slugkind


I modeled it on the famous Fosse Way S bend just South of Ratae, reduced in scale of course.


A garden with an S-bend. Whatever next ? Some of us are still making do with buckets.