The Allotment has nearly had a clean shave

Shit is probably what they need

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Weeds with flowers.

Very nice , do you get pigeons sitting on your wood arbour? , we have had to put spikes all over our to stop them pooing all over the patio

Nope, the cats sort the pigeons out.

Ah maybe we should get a few more cats !!!

Normally lack of rain

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They were regularly watered :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I opened my back gate this evening (something that happens roughly once a year) and found this waiting to mug me.

The last time something grew in this crack in the pavement it was a thistle straight out of Satan’s backside.

This? Any ideas? I reckon it’s a cabbage.

I’m pretty sure you can’t smoke it unfortunately.


That’s not going to stop me trying.




that is nothing. You should see the bush I’ve got out back.

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No, NO I don’t!!!

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Nowt rong with a forest around the log cabin :+1:

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Or a hefty roof on the toolshed…:smirk:

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As long as it isn’t Japanese knotweed ! Thank goodness it’s not

Did you swap a cow for some magic beans?


I’ll take knotweed over mare’s tail anyday.

Our newish place has Mare’s Tail and Himalayan Balsam. Fucking nightmare.