The Allotment has nearly had a clean shave


I’m not posting a picture of our post apocalyptic back ‘garden’ it will just upset you all it’s so cool.


Busy old fool, unruly spring.


I aim to be Astra turfing my small back garden over the next couple of months.

Tune in to the riveting blog.


Taking up shipbuilding too? Going to be busy :slight_smile:


Astra turf? Are Vauxhall branching out since the Peugeot take over?


I might astro turf the astra if the garden looks good.


Oooh a mobile grassy knoll :ok_hand:t3:


Will it have a snipers rifle fitted?


Stuff is growing and the raised beds have a new path.

Now I just need to take an axe to what’s left of this fucking vine and then it’s on with a patio complete with gabion seats and a fire pit.


Aprils garden watch


Why is the lawnmower out ? Are you selling it?

Condition : Never been used.


Thought it was one of those robot ones,might take it back,has sat there all week and not moved


Be prepared for @wayward to make you an offer on that bike for his ensuite. :slight_smile:


I think that the lawn is saveable. Put a bit of grass seed down & the All England Club will be on the phone looking for tips and perhaps a sample they can grow on.


It has a look of the 12th at Augusta,if you squint


On the plus side,the xmas tree is still alive


It’s trolling the lawn.


Have you considered contacting Green Thumb?


Not to use them obvs but to see if they can use a pic in their flyers ? Or vans?