The Allotment has nearly had a clean shave


Can any of you gardener types tell me a) what this is? and b) how can it be propagated? Thank you.


a) It’s a plant, and b) I have no idea (or summat to do with bees and shit) :pensive:


Just right for the cats to crap on.


Thanks :rage:


Opium poppy I think. The old bill will be round shortly.


Right…quick question for green fingered types here… good hardy shrubs and plants for planting in borders.

It is east facing so gets sun in morning and most of pm if that is of any help.




Pampas grass


Japanese knot weed is fairly hardy


I’ll bamboo you right to the bottom of our stairs .



I’ll japanese knot-weed you all the way up the garden path you acrylic haired borrower you. :slight_smile:


Green bushes and shit.

I’m here all day :smirk:


Utter guff.


I saw them in 1981 supporting Elton John at the Odeon, Birmingham.


I thought utter guff was the wig tape of choice of that very pink-pated piano botherer.


Asked the boss, Abutilon Jermyns. Cutting is easy apparently, she said would you swap a cutting for a cutting of another Abutilon.


Thanks Pete. Cutting swap (is that a thing?) no problem :slight_smile:


Pity we can’t propagate records :smile:

Abutilons are not always hardy, do you leave it out all winter ? Expecting frosts this week.


Just made some Planters for the chills