The Allotment has nearly had a clean shave


Yes it’s fully hardy, planted in the garden, put there by the previous occupants. Unfortunately it’s right at the top end of the garden between the poly tunnel and the fence, it would be nice if we could start one to plant a bit nearer the house so that we could appreciate it. Any propagation tips much appreciated.

ps It probably needs a good prune, it’s 12-15 ft high.


Try just nipping a piece new growth at the top of a stem (retain 3 - 5 sets of leaves, remove bottom 2 to produce a bare stem), dip it in rooting compound and push it into a pot of compost. Keep moist and on a warm window sill. Plant out when you see roots showing at the bottom of the pot.


Covered the delicate seedlings with fleece, earthed up new potatoes and put heat into the greenhouses. Gonna be a cold one tonight.


Lilac well on its way


The chillis - Are in the dining room tonight


It clearly likes it there, if it’s colder by the house it may not do so well.

Try it and see.


I will do Pete, ask Mrs Pete the best way to send yo a cutting and I will pop itin the post.


Job done


Couple of runs to the dump to get rid of beds bikes and other crap.
Will be making a very simple decking plinth around the shed,then putting the decent soil i’m digging out into it.
Have bought half a ton of sand off neighbour,but have to hand carry it round.
Just need to order the astro tomorrow,and if weather is ok finish it all then.


Brace yourself


I don’t really think there’s anyone on here who might look even vaguely like that self tbh


Don’t forget to order the lawn mower. Take the blade off and make everyone’s life misery on Sunday mornings like the rest of us.


I’ve been planting things up. Over the last week or two cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, dwarf and climbing beans, beetroot and sprouts have joined the potatoes, parsnip, lettuce, spinach and mange tout peas. Next is the sweetcorn when it gets properly warm.

Dahlias in too, but the flowers are Jan’s department.





Did have a look at one in cornwall

Getting this one though;

Think they are pushing there luck calling it Lords though.


I still think it’ll die.


Perhaps that’s where they bury them?

Anyhow good luck, it’s an interesting solution…


Is it Patch resistant?


It says "no patches, pet friendly ", so take your pick!