The crotch rocket thread


I’ve flopped mine out a few times this year, fair-weather chap that I am! Just needed to replace the 12 year old Odyssey battery, and started 1st time. No plastic, and 43 this year so she’s proper green, though potent for her age with around 95 rear wheel horses.


Nice to see an old ditch pump in such good nick… :wink:


Need to grow your grey pony tail first … :smile:


My ex-Brother-in-law got twatted on his bike in London by turning right at a junction. He’s still has major issues with one arm and leg and his shoulders.

My ex-wife banned me from having a bike when I wanted a 250 trial, as she lost two relatives to bikes.


I like to buzz about on this from time to time…


You’ve not lived unless you’ve been down a steep hill on a puch maxi with no brakes


If you want some sad middle aged crisis thing to do golf or cycling general have less death or maiming involved. What do the ladies of the family think Jack?


Immerse yourself in a be-warped and befuddled sexual persona. Then afford yourself an imaginary companion and note his reveries on a public forum.


Scrubs up well does Stronzetto. :+1:


Too sad


Spoiler alert.

This is Audio Abattoir




Maturity has taught me that there is only one valid reason for a middle aged man to buy a bike - to strap 20 pounds of explosives to it and ride it into the Houses of Parliament. I’m keeping that option in reserve for my misanthropic dotage.

Sadly, the motorcycle industry does not cater for the likes of me. This is a pity, as I would happily subscribe to ‘What Two Wheeled Instrument of Fawkesian Destruction’.

Don’t mind me. Carry on.


Been riding since i was 17, 29 years all weathers.
Not sure ‘mid-life crisis’ applies to me.


Likewise, 31 years since I was 20…


I started on bikes over 30 years ago. Currently have a lightly reworked 1999 Bandit 1200 in the garage - suspension and brakes from a GSXR-750. Two bikes that were binned rebuilt into one with the Bandit frame and engine.

It’ll be for sale soon. If I’m going to commute up to 100km each way for work, I need something ultra-reliable, easy to ride and very economical. Probably a BMW F800GS or similar.


Off to look at a lovely little motorcycle tomorrow.


A little one? Is it for Aggie?


more info!


The new mule. Took some finding but nice to tick it off the bucket list. Generation 1 RSV Mille, one owner from new.