The crotch rocket thread


That’s lush but I’m too pussy for a man’s toy.


Catch me if you can.


Sweet, I was literally on my way to buy a brand new RSV Factory when I got a text from Bike Trader about my 998 coming up for sale. I think I made the right decision, but the RSVs are fantastic bikes.


Reminds me of my Honda express I had in the early 80s


There’s an Italian car and bike show in Bristol on Saturday.
Spot on for you lovers of all things that rattle.


Fuck that, theres a beer festival in Malvern this Saturday.


Ooh, when I used to not have to work weekends I loved going to the Bristol Italian Autofest. I used to have a fantastic ride down the A49, then past Tintern Abbey and over the M48 bridge.

There’s some amazing stuff on show too, more Ferraris, Lambos and Maseratis than you can shake a stick at, and the classic Alfas and Lancias etc are to die for.

And the racket when it’s it’s time for " Gentlemen, Start your engines…" is glorious :heart_eyes:

Fantastic day out, I really miss it.


Oh, there’s usually a couple of bikes there too…


I’ll try to get a photo for your private collection


I had a Tuono.I preferred the sit up and ride position.


Your arms wouldn’t reach the handlebars on that RSV anyway because of belly/tank interface :+1:


I have made that more accurate for you.


Only you have mentioned the possibility of penis size issues…


I have a Seat Leon ST Ecomotive. I have no issues.


It’s an elaborate defence for sure… :grinning:


I beg to differ, you have some quite major issues.






Here you are, some red rattle boxes

And a tractor with suede perch.


Latest LTD edition Beemer. HP4 Race
Full Carbon frame
Race spec Ohlins suspension both ends.
Adjustable Headstock and Swing Arm Pivots
Only 146 Kilos
215 HP!
Full Digital LCD Dash.
Limited Edition of 750 bikes, all built by HAND in Berlin. Only £68k.