The crotch rocket thread


very light thing with lots of power wins drag race shocker.


Bikes still rock :metal:


Thought I’d take advantage of the early autumn sunshine.


Bumped into this load of British iron in the car park.


Very distinctive location too :sunny:


Just learnt that Performance Bikes magazine is no more. A shame but I suppose a sign of the times.
It’s now merged into Practical Sportbikes magazine so will probably have a couple pages devoted to modern stuff.
I haven’t bought it regularly for years.


The last time I bought a bike mag was when I was going on holiday last summer. The previous time was pretty much exactly 12 months prior to that. I bought, Bike, Practical Classics and Classic Bike. Not bought PB for years, although I did quite enjoy it. The centre pages used to be great until they sanitized them.



The Maserati one is cool as fuck :heart_eyes: