The end of diesel cars is coming soon!


Indeed. Customers aren’t even considered due to their limited exposure. Drivers raise grievances with their Union reps and tests are conducted. 4 trips a day, 5 days a week means that risks to well being (and attendance) are taken very seriously.


do they still employ fluffers on the underground?



I hope they are playing ‘Paint it Black’


Mechanical ones, yes.


[dailymail]Bloody robots. Coming over here, taking our jobs, etc, etc…[/dailymail ]


The Diseasel


But of a thread necro, but meh

I thought that this article was interesting:

Comparing a banger with an 8 year old diesel for emissions; although what was really shocking was the difference between current test results and analysis from real world driving.


This. It turns out the carmakers are still ‘gaming the system’, just legally rather than illegally.



My boss let me know yesterday that I’ll be running the first installs in the Uk of hydrogen generating stations on motorway forecourts next year for a well known Dutch oil company.

You can already obtain hydrogen at a few petrol stations here, but that’s brought in by tanker. These are fuel cell technology so actually separating water into hydrogen and oxygen on site. I was quite shocked that they will need a huge power supply - about 1000kva, so we’ll need to have a dedicated electrical sub-station on site too.

Quite excited…:+1:


Any idea how many cars they’re expecting to use them to make it pay?


I did actually ask a similar question - how many hydrogen cars are currently on the road in the Uk?..

The answer was …about 150.


They must know something we don’t.


Do you think you’ll be able to get one for home to run the new phono stage?


Natural gas cars Jim ? You’re gonna have your work cut out…hqdefault


Jim’s car would have a greater range than most…


So am I.

I much prefer the thought of having a hydrogen powered vehicle than any other “eco” offerings.


Not in my case, more like pure methane :laughing:


There’s also going to be a big push on LNG coming soon (liquefied natural gas)…


How does that differ in practical terms from the LPG / propane that we currently use (or is it another name for the same thing)?