The ethical dilemma of fake Lego

My son has just discovered the existence of fake Lego. There is a company (Chinese, duh) called Lepin, which produces sets that are functionally identical to the original.

The thing is, it’s the discontinued ones that he’s interested in - things you can’t buy from Lego any more. You can pick them up for an absolute fortune, or get the Lepin at a tenth that.

Lego is out of patent. What should I do?

More accurate :grinning:

If it’s out of patent then it’s fair game surely ?

As it’s stuff that is out of patent, and production, I would go for it.

He found it. Impressive for a nine year old, it never occurred to me!

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I think that the production thing is important. Lego is expensive, sure, but I’m willing to pay their prices. The issue comes when they no longer make the set - the price goes up massively.

I reckon that Lego are almost contributing to the problem by ceasing production tbh.

He has little else to think about. You on the other hand have Pron on hand held devices :grinning:


My son was given a “laser pegs” set for his birthday from a nursery friend. I guessed Lego was off patent since it was exactly the same. Packaging looks naff and it sells itself on it lighting up transparent bricks with flashing leds. I looked it up and it’s some American twat that’s done quite well out of it, probably because enough people will buy “cheap lego” as a present for a kid they don’t know well.

I loved it as a kid but also like Lego’s culture and corporate purpose and kinda feel like they’re deserving of a bit of loyalty.

If it’s discontinued bits then I think it’s a bit different?

Fuck laser pegs though :thumbsup:

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Sounds like the sort of epic hand-wringing they get up to in The Guardian. I’d kick off a regular column with this if you can. Then find the ultimate redemption by growing your own organic Lego.


Fake Russian lego was fairly obviously shoddily produced, quite sharp corners.

Yes. Too much thinking.

Better than questions about hi-fi, FFS


Fair point, well made :+1:

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In soviet Russia, Lego stands on you!


I made something for one of the Lego gang. He is married into the Danish Royal Family and has a few bob, I wouldn’t worry about it. The lad will be into something else soon…

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Matching pin-striping on the collars - class :+1:



Haha, I can hear the teeth grinding from here.

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Shit, that’ll cost him

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Sorry :frowning2:

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