The Football




Everything about it was sublime. Ramsey’s run and touch was fantastic, but that finish!


Enjoy the game, Mark. Great watching real live footy, I miss it.


Fully deserved third for Arsenal.

Incidentally, Dele Alli’s levels of cuntishness are almost Ramos-esque in their stature.


What a great match


Yep, best I’ve seen in the PL for a while.


Vertonghen’s having a game.

Sorry, had.


Spuds season could be over a month earlier than usual this time around.


No idea how Everton-Liverpool is 0-0. Some really good football being played by both sides. I took Everton to win 2-1 in the prediction thing (I have never predicted them to lose). Failing that,a nice score draw here would be a decent outcome on the basis of the first half. We look bloody decent for the first time since Martinez took over from Moyes.


It’s not a bad game. Just an assault on the ears listening to Carragher spout his usual shite.


Lookman comes on and does more in a few minutes than Walcott has done all game. He really does look the business.


What a ridiculous ending :rofl:



Laughing your head off

Otherwise ropey
What’s got into Bobby ?


They wuz robbed…thankfully :laughing:


Absolute scenes here.


My two bros have gone incoherent


I’ll bet a few left before the goal?

Always used to boil my piss. A bit like going to the cinema and leaving before you know whodunnit


3 Points but another worryingly shit performance - Klopp Out.:imp:


That hurt.