The Football


Yeah drives me mad, and the price of tickets too!


Hughes gone


Unsurprising. Dropping points to Mourinho’s Utd. There’s no coming back from that shame.


Sparky obviously eyeing the impending vacancy.


Would he be any worse?




England to play Netherlands in SF of UEFA Nations League.

Portugal V Switzerland in the other, obv.


According to The Guardian he was six months into a 3-year contract so is due £6 million in compensation.

Slab-headed cunt.


Depends on your point of view. I would be delighted if he took over at Man U!


We may be languishing in League one, but the club’s supporters are in the Premier League.

Hopefully the players will reward them by extending their current 15 match unbeaten run into next year.


Another weekend off for Man City in the FA Cup.



Today’s no shit, Sherlock award goes to


Palace are fecked. They are going to be on the end of an almighty tonking unless they wake up. Shane Duffy is a bit of a tool too, but his side are 3-0 ahead, even if he was sent off for excess dumb…


Burnley must be truley abysmal as Palace mullered them on Saturday.
Inevitably Burnley will now have their one good game of the season and take points off of Liverpool tomorrow at a cold, wet and windy Turf Moor.:scream:




I originally had that in the predictor but just changed it to 1-0.:anguished:


I’ve gone 0-2


Klopp fined £8000.


eel be guttid

Without a shadow of a doubt, I’m sure he will think it was money well spent.