The Football


Better, but we should not have conceeded the first goal, poor from De Gea.


Understatement of the season


Gobshite Savage on BBC

1-1 at half-time. I would say that is a fair reflection

and in the same sentence…

do they deserve the equaliser? Possibly not

Make your fucking mind up, you useless tosser.


Burnley lead :astonished:

Wolves level.

Shocks tonight?

Wolves !!!


Allison again!



I thought Dalot and Bailly looked good last night, even Darmian played well. Matic had his best game this season, which to be fair isn’t saying much.

The difference compared to the last few matches was Herrera and a front 3 that are quick on the break. We seem to be getting our shape back without Sanchez fucking it up. Lollypop can stay on the bench along with Lukaku.

We won’t make top 4 or win anything, but we can at least start to play some more attractive and exciting football.


From the MOTD highlights it looked like Arsenal should have won comfortably.


I like this from the Leeds fan twitter account :smile:


That is the trouble with highlights. Man United were more in control of the match, but the Arse had more chances on goal.


The bits i saw,2-2 seemed a fair result.


I watched the whole game and had no vested interest in the result…

2-2 was fair enough.


Might as well give the title to City now.:tired_face:


No. Lose to Utd first then give it to them. :grinning:


The talk is of Pochettino being lined up by Utd for the Summer. I’d be happy with that. They should really have hired him when he was available the summer they hired LvG. Better late than never I suppose.


Did you not watch the North London Derby?


No, but he think he’s probably taken Spurs as far as Levy will let him.


he wont manage another plc - he might be tempted by Real Madrid, or an Italian team…


I’d much rather have Zidane if it were my choice.

In fact I’d give Eddie Howe a shot before Poch.


Zidane needs to do it when not inheriting a team full of world class players. Then I’d be more interested. Undoubtedly a great player but as a manager the Jury’s still out imho.