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My morning pain is only surpassed by the pain I felt last night


Apparently the Arse are not going to offer Danny Welbeck a new contract (The Times).


Do you reckon it will be Mourinho’s last game tonight if they lose?


We’ll have him


That was a surprise result.


It was a bloody awful result. I can cope with losing (I’m used to it) but losing in that way, to a 10 man team of Tesco bags, is just shite.
We need a striker and we need him soon. Teams have now sussed out how to play Zaha (just wind him up and watch him moan and complain - it fucks up his head and he doesn’t play. Defender’s job done! Two wingers playing as pseudo centre forwards just isn’t working. And we’ve Benteke to look forward to when he’s back from injury.:roll_eyes: FML


No, even if we lose 4-0. Woodward is terrified of looking a twat in appointing him and then offering him an extended contract on more money. It will be in May when he gets the boot.

Until then, we’ll piss off all our players and Martial, Pogba, De Gea etc… will all leave.


Ane people call me a negative fan.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I think they just call you negative tbh.


I’ve just noticed my new forum tagline - splendid.:smiley:

Yours is good too.:rofl:


Hasenhüttl in at Southampton. Not as good as Hughes out at Southampton, :partying_face::partying_face:, but news all the same.


No Salah, Mane or Firmino in the starting XI


Gone 5 at the back, is he mad?

Darmian who is not a wing back, Bailly, Rojo and Smalling. Hmmm.

We are going to get outgunned in midfield again, as Matic can’t cover the ground.

My head says 1-3 to Arse.

On the plus side Lukaku is dropped again as he is in terrible form.



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Man Utd




United finished second 18 points ahead of Arsenal last season. Now they are eight points behind them in eighth, a reversal 26 points! Maureen looks like he is planning to park the bus (at home) and hope to nick a goal on the break. I hope they get battered.


De Gea

Showing Jordan Pickford that anything you can do…


Rojo lucky to be still on the field


Looked worse than it was. The Arsenal fella went up in the air like a rocket :smiley:


Never a red.


He did, but the intent was almost enough to merit more than a yellow. Could have gone either way for me.

Hard to see 22 on the field at the end of this match.


Hard to see 22 on the field in our match because the kit clash is fucking ludicrous.