The Football


would a ban help?




Come on Croatia.


Happy with that


Me too, excellent performance under the circumstances


Lovren dive


Can you ban him for an hour?


They’re all playing pretty well but Stones is the calm stable presence at the back that it’s built on. A Bobby Moore for our time so far.


Game a bit too open for my liking, especially with just the one goal in it.


I suspect performance enhancing drugs in the case of Henderson who is actually playing like a proper footballer…:open_mouth:


i’m going out for a ciggy :wink:


Just back, steak and chips were great.

Helpful suggestion of toast ignored.


Stupid booking


The pub over the road has the volume up really high, so I hear the commentary from it a fraction of a second after mine. When Croatia have the ball, I just hear the “ic” ending every name!


Think yourself lucky they aren’t playing Wee Duggee’s kick song!


Not liking this last 15 mins, we need to ramp it up a bit.


I have no idea what you’re talking about. Is it something from the 1950s?


Kleftic and Butkrakic are causing problems at the back.


Sterling again :rage:


It was coming.