The Football


Haha, gawan.


Great comeback by Fulham


Harsh on Burnley who’ve been very good.


Some strange results tonight.


and Toons :heart_eyes:


Now Cashley will use that to say Almiron has failed his medical and no signings needed to stay up and Rafa will be off at the end of the season and too many ands and i am pissed at Club La Santa (check it out anyone into running/cycling/swimming) and I prefer Citeh to Liverpuddle and i dont really care at this point of the night:grin:


is that the caravan park outside Redcar?


Some great results, just a pity Utd got the ‘Fergie time’ equaliser.


Very similar, just the weather and the views aren’t as nice:joy:


They had enough Fergie time left to win it & failed.


BT Sport have gone all in on trying to make a big deal about this De Bruyne free-kick and disallowed goal.

It’s actually embarrassing.


Referee definitely said to him “on the whistle” or similar and then he just ignored it. They even highlighted it with slomo during the game so what’s the issue?
Big team getting beat when they shouldn’t, that’s what.


Was here on a freebie:

United were terrible. I nearly forgot to pretend to be disappointed when Burnley scored their first. The Manc in front of me had a most amusing meltdown when the second went in. Then Burnley conceded two late goals and their fans had the hump.

Grand night out in a way…:persevere:


I was very impressed with Benitez last night. At 1-1, I expected Newcastle to be under an onslaught for half an hour, but they were pressing City right into their 18-yard box and continued with it after going ahead. City looked out of ideas.

The referee bottled sending De Bruyne off, by the way.


Rabbi Matodo leaves Man City.


They’ve sold him.


That’s what I said. :sunglasses:


Ron Perlman heading to the Celtic game with Gianni Capaldi tonight :sunglasses:


More strange scores at the half way stage, tonight