The Football


Bournemouth 3-0 Chelsea



Piss poor result

Nice touch from Cardiff fans;


Now 2 points behind 4th. Bring it on. :grin:


Last night we saw what a dumb decision letting Clyne go out on loan was.


I just don’t understand weakening the side on the run in when you are top. Surely you would keep every player just in case.


Where was Clyne up to with regard to his contract running out? He obviously wouldn’t have been happy about not getting regular games.


Fellaini goes. :+1:


The last time Chelsea lost by 4-0 was 1996.
Time for a change.


Jose is available.


Sarri second favourite to lose his job.


The odd thing about Chelsea is that it would never cross the owner’s mind to hire someone like Eddie Howe.


I’m available at competitive rates



Strapping a few of their players to a lathe and chiselling a bit of motivation into them sounds like an excellent pitch for Roman and his fellow humanitarians on the Chelsea Board.


I used to know a girl like that :grinning:


Totally agree although I thought Hendo did reasonably well in the circumstances.

Robbo giving away the free kick in first half injury time was really bloody stupid, compounded by Matip and VVD losing their bearings.:weary:

Obviously a blatant penalty missed by the ref - we was robbed.:laughing:


If Poch does leave Spurs for MU or RM hopefully Levy will give him a chance.


Martial signs on for another 5 years. Had Jose stayed any longer he’d have been off.


Rashford and De Gea to resign next.


resign or re-sign



Hnnngh, I’ve just seen the penalty decision on Keita from Atkinson. What a cunt.