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Nail. Head. Right. There.


Not really a big football follower but hope he improves the clubs fortunes. I was born in Boundary Park Hospital(now Oldham Royal) and lived in the town until 10 so have a soft spot. My brother also was a massive fan and used to go to all home and away games.


We have one of the best right backs in the league but Klipperty decided to loan him to Bournemouth.:weary:




I was born there too, lived in Oldham till I was 6. My brother used to take me to Boundary Park when I was a toddler. It was a cold miserable shithole (Joe Royle used to call it Ice Station Zebra…) then, but positively luxurious compared to Watersheddings…

I can’t help but have a soft spot for the Latics, so hope he does well for them.


They had a really entertaining team in the late 80s with Ricky Holden on the wing. I think they attracted quite a few extra admirers back then. Didn’t Earl Barrett play for them as well?



I then moved to Middleton which I am not sure is much better!


Well, the Villa game got interesting in the last 10 minutes.

If Sheff Utd do go up, their goalie will be looking for alternative employment, he was shite tonight.


Thats not exactly moving to the other end of the earth, but at least you side steoped Rochdale :+1:


That is a tragic state for a founder member of the Football League to find itself in.


I bet half the seats were already empty by the time their 1st goal went in.
Not easy being a Villa fan.


I was at the game last night and yes at 3 nil down in the 85th minute masses of Villa fans headed to the exits whilst being serenaded by the Sheff U fans singing ‘Cheerio’.

Ten minutes later we returned the compliment :smile:

The look on Billy Sharp’s face :laughing:


I never understand fans leaving before the final whistle. Many times there are late goals and the result changes. When I had a Hammers season ticket it used to happen over and over. I’d be gutted if I was leaving the ground and the crowd roared as a goal was scored.


i never leave a game before the final whistle, but when I’m queuing for the train, i often wonder why i didn’t.


These are the same fans who try to park as close to the ground as possible, and then spend an hour waiting to get off congested car parks or side roads.

I park 20 mins brisk walk away and even though I leave the ground later and live 25 miles away I bet I’m still home before most of them. And I’ve never missed an injury time goal.


I do the same, 20 minute march back to the car beyond electric avenue and I’m away. Using the carparks near the ground to be boxed in for an hour is insane. Although I always wonder if my car will still be in one peice on the way back.


New Paddy Power advert with Rhodri Giggs (worth a quick pause at 15 secs)


Small rumourette that a certain just departed negative manager from the greatest club in the land is being investigated by the said club for back handed payments from a certain agent(s). Interesting to see where this goes.