The Football


Squeaky bum time for City :grin:


Given the circumstances I will be most disappointed if we fail to lose this. :smirk:


Hahaha, you blinking rotter :grin:

More shit that doesn't merit its own thread (septic tank overflow alert)

7 minutes of stoppage time :cold_sweat:. Blow the feckin’ whistle man or Otamendi might score an o.g.


Not now. It’s done


:slightly_smiling_face: and yet :disappointed:.


I’m not sure how Brighton haven’t won this in normal time. The WBA goal was bizarre.

*They should abolish extra time in FA Cup ties, just go to penalties, like the League Cup.

*I have to take Lou to the dentist in Lerwick at 07:30 in the morning :slightly_frowning_face:


I had two decent bets on the match.
One on City to be leading at half time and full time and the other on City to win by more than one goal.
Thank fuck for injury time in each half.:grin:


They should just sack this off until next season.


You are Neil Warnock and I claim my £5


That article was from 1 Jan, and they (still) won’t be playing there on 2 March.

There comes a point if only because kicking things off in the place with a handful of games to go would be a bit of a damp squib. I suppose if the supporters still want to, who am I to argue.


Phil Jones signs a 4 year contract FFS what were they thinking? :roll_eyes: Now sell the twat over the summer for £15M.


If only financial fair play actually counted for something.:roll_eyes:


Another football tragedy. Sad news…


Hopefully he is as successful as the rest of the ‘class of 92’ when it comes to management.


I wonder whether various former Oldham players will start piping up saying, he doesn’t understand the club & he’s not playing the Oldham way & generally sniping from the sidelines. I hope he does well but can’t see any reason why he would do better than Giggs or the Nevilles at this. It is a different skill set.


Enjoy paying the corporation tax to the treasury. You could have bought a right back instead.


That £106m is the net profit, so I guess they can have a right back as well.


A couple of things stand out, compared to say GNev:

First he’s always been a lifelong Oldham fan. The should at least buy him some goodwill from fans and players.
Second, if you’re an ex-star player going to start in management a club like Oldham would seem to be the right way to go about it, to learn your trade. GNev going to Valencia for his first job was ludicrous. Thierry Henry at Monaco was also pretty stupid.


I agree entirely. I’m not sure what possessed Gary Neville to step straight into that job at Valencia other than being mates with the owner.

I wasn’t serious about his suitability as Oldham manager, Of course it is a good place to start. I was just having fun with the idea of the same happening to Scholes as happened to Moyes, LvG & Jose.