The Football




Good save but the penalty from Vardy was poor.


…and Spurs score immediately after…


…followed by a failure to intersect the cow’s arse with the banjo by Barnes…


Yes. Scored today too. When him and Lameiras link up it really is lovely to watch.


First goal at the Etihad. That didn’t take long. :slight_smile:


What a fucking goal by Aguero.


My exact wording. Beat me to it!


Chelsea. It’s going great.


That is 4-0 and we’re not even 25 minutes in. Chelsea are being mullered.


Watching this on the laptop and the rugby on the telly.

Both matches are total annihilation


…and there was me thinking earlier that the chavs might do us a favour like they did before Christmas…:smirk:


Still think we will win this


Still, there’s the League cup final to look forward to.


Yes,city won’t be relishing that after this


Sarri, what a cunt. Refused to shake hands with PG after the game. Petulant twat.

He needs to learn that there’s such a thing as being dignified after a defeat.


Most of the competitive sports people I’ve come across can’t handle losing very well. However the difference is largely about the ones that can suck it up publicly and behave with some grace and decency, and then beat themselves or cope in some way privately. The others are just cunts who no one likes nor respects.


Who’s AOC?


Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain


Ah, of course. Not Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez then. Thx.