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I know he’s flavour of the month, but it’s comments like these that tell me OGS isn’t the messiah

Anyone comparing 23 year old Martial with a young Ronaldo is out of their fuckign minds, IMHO. To think that someone who actually played with Ronaldo could say that is mind boggling to me.

Martial’s a cracking player, no question, but come on man.


I wouldn’t be sure that’s what OGS thinks. Isn’t it just player management psychology 101? You think he might have another agenda behind this?


Sure, there’s no harm in him fluffing him.

But the comparison is ridiculous


Martial could & should be what M’Bappe is. He’s quick & has good close control but doesn’t seem to have the ruthless streak M’Bappe has. But if he can bring that to his game he can be a great player if not a Ronaldo.


Paul Ince looks like he’s wearing a Paul Ince face mask. What’s that about?


deserved lead. utd have been poor.


and again. looking some way off tonight.


Do PSG look any good?


Better than Utd certainly. Utd were doing better before both Lingard & Martial went off with knocks.


Very similar to the Liverpool games. Shit for long periods then wallop out of nowhere.


Sanchez is done, isn’t he?


Has been for a couple of years, from before Utd stupidly acquired him.

There are a few who aren’t really good enough to shine at CL level.


Dani Alves. :roll_eyes:


Years of quality shithousing.


Anybody fancy United’s chances of turning this around in Paris without Pogba, Martial and Lingard?


Not me.


I won’t be upset if Martial is out for the Liverpool game.




Hopefully this signals the end of the over trumped Ole honeymoon and United lose their next two as well.:smiling_imp:


Four centre-backs for Spurs tonight in a touching tribute to Tony Pulis

— FootballJOE (@FootballJOE) February 13, 2019