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Doubt it on many levels.

  1. They are short on cash so need hard cash for Bale.
  2. They don’t tend to buy 30 year olds.
  3. Slowchez would upset the salary banding at RM


I wasn’t serious. I think you’d struggle to find a League 1 team who’d be keen to take Sanchez on at the moment even at 1/50th of his weekly wage.


Don’t Bayern need new wingers? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


City game over before half time. I expect they’ll take off some key players early in the second half.


Been watching Juve, fantastic match.



Looks like I picked the wrong one to watch. City 4-0 up and strolling through.






Boring as fuck now. I’ve switched to the Juve game,


Absolutely unreal the draws City have had in cups. Ridiculous.


You haven’t mentioned that before :grin:




We’ve got the internet.


Well done.


Ronaldo leaves RM.
They have a mare.

Juventus need at least two. He scores 3.

I hate him but he’s epic.


How many have been disallowed?


Dead rubber that game.


Only 1 I think.


One thing this round of CL knockout games has shown is that being Away for the 2nd leg isn’t actually the disadvantage it used to be. The away side can measure the risk better knowing the reward of away goals & can better control the overall outcome of the tie. It didn’t work for Atletico last night but it has worked for several others. Home sides get nervy if level or even one ahead.

Liverpool can have some confidence about tonight. Every chance of nicking one. Otoh Bayern know they simply have to win.