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They created enough chances but didn’t take them. Still very competitive for 3rd & 4th.


Well I look forward to seeing the vile little coward who tweeted about Grealish’s dead brother, giving One Eyed Baz any of his shit…


Only watched the last 20 minutes live, but from that and the highlights on motd I thought United should have won, especially as both Arsenal goals should not have happened.


It would have been interesting to see whether VAR would’ve upheld that penalty decision. There was contact definitely but whether it was enough. It did seem like Lacazette was waiting for any sort of touch.


I didn’t see it, but if one applies the ‘clear and obvious’ test, then it will tell you if the referee’s decision should be overturned. I emphasise should, because as we’ve seen already in the limited roll-out of VAR we are trading one set of controversies for another.


Maybe a bit soft. Utd didn’t take their chances so rightly got nothing but it would’ve been interesting to see the verdict on the above.


Just because


Presumably many millions of reasons


It’s all come from a small time TV station.




Gifted 23-year-old attacker Marco Asensio has struggled for playing time under Santiago Solari at Real Madrid and wants to leave to join Manchester United , according to Don Balon .

However, it is claimed United are not willing to pay more than £69m (80m euros) for Asensio.



The BBC are reporting it and they’re normally very cautious with their stories.


Every man and his dog are also reporting it.


Goon gets 14 weeks for belting Jack Grealish


Also the sick moron who tweeted about Grealish’s dead brother has been banned by BCFC and is the subject of a police enquiry.

I’ll be satisfied when the BCFC steward who kicked Jack in the back and threw a punch at one of our players too is also dealt with, the cowardly cunt.


Juventus will be pissed off.


Dream on, Real Scum have no money. They will need to sell the entire squad and the ground to afford these players, especially as they have committed to mega bucks to Zidane’s salary.

Bale is history I think, but who will pay his Euro650K a week (I was shocked too)? His contract ends at the end of 20/21 season.


Not Daniel Levy


Utd probably would given that they pay nearly that much to the useless Sanchez


Suspect it’s a loan or nothing. He won’t walk away from those wages at his age.
If they want rid they will end up subsidising his salary or paying him off a lump when he goes.


I wonder if RM would consider a swap