The Football


I want Barca or Juve. Don’t fancy an English team this time around.


Nice round of “Martin Martin what’s the score?” at the City Ground as Villa stick one to the clown :clown_face:


I would want to avoid Juve


Ex players, innit.


Tbh I hope all of the English teams avoid each other. They might all get through :smiley:



Robertson you plonker.:weary:


Who could replace him. He’s always struck me as a bit of a weak link anyway.


You know UEFA will ensure that the English sides meet each other.


Good professional performance by Liverpool but bloody hell, Bayern are poor at the moment. Did Allison have to make a save in the 2nd half?


He’s not been quite as good defensively at times this season, but he is essential to the way we play going forward.


I don’t believe all that tin foil hat bollox


City and Pep nailed on to get Porto or Ajax.


I don’t suppose Utd can get Juve having had them in the groups. Tottenham can’t get Barca.either


City Ajax, United Barca, Liverpool Juve, Spuds Porto


Bound to be at least 1 all English tie


Doesn’t that end now?


Don’t know. I’d have thought they couldn’t meet again til the final.


Could be wrong,but think it all stops after the last 16 matches


I think anyone can draw any team now.