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Ok, it’s Wiki, but I assume it’s right.

** In the draws for the quarter-finals and semi-finals, there are no seedings, and teams from the same group or the same association can be drawn against each other. As the draws for the quarter-finals and semi-finals are held together before the quarter-finals are played, the identity of the quarter-final winners is not known at the time of the semi-final draw. A draw is also held to determine which semi-final winner is designated as the “home” team for the final (for administrative purposes as it is played at a neutral venue).*


Unless you’re Bayern playing Chelsea (or even Utd playing Barcelona at Wembley)


I reckon City will get Leyton Orient.




Every time I see him he seems better than I remember.


Seriously, who do you think is the weakest team left?


Yes it’s a free for all


James Milner: "It was a good result. We didn’t play our best but it is about defending well and getting three points.


Sounds like his Twitter feed…I’m never quite sure if it’s tongue in cheek


Post match interview.



How the bookies see it;

Man City - 9/4
Barcelona - 7/2
Juventus - 4/1
Liverpool - 9/2
Man United - 10/1
Tottenham 14/1
Ajax - 20/1
Porto - 66/1


So City will get Porto.

(won’t they, Mark :wink:)


Tempted to have one pound on utd


I haven’t watched much of Porto. Ajax absolutely smashed RM.


Three betting channels to chose
1 ichms conspiracy line . Bet on Europe
2. Browellms city lucky ball. Bet on city
3 .uncle puncles get rich quick spread. Bet on everyone but the Liverpool team he doesn’t support

Step right up folks…


Klopp getting in on the post match dodgy comments competition,

Somebody will play against somebody in the next game

Also confirming there are no restrictions on who you get drawn against :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The bookies don’t offer 66/1 for nothing. Porto must be the weakest team, although I am fully aware that shocks happen.

Man Utd and Ajax were not expected to progress, but they did. I expect Bayern were favourites for tonight’s game, but it was less of a surprise than the other two results IMO.




Scholes leaves Oldham as promises were not kept apparently.


Quite surprised to see that Porto are 9th in UEFA’s club rankings. Appreciate these ranking are sometimes of limited utility, but they can’t be pushovers.