The Football


Looks great. All the kids they have out on loan should get one.


I don’t think the factory in China can make that many in time for Christmas.


Coming to a Premier League club soon…


I wouldn’t employ either of them to run a school team.


Someone will though. At least it will be another name to bandy around instead of the other, usual dross


M’ON = cunt. And a cunt well past his sell by date.


Even in his prime he had terrible blind spots.


Fulham or Crystal Palace.


Can’t see it - they will both go back to broadcasting.


£2M a year for O’Neill, the IFA must be fucking mad.


Well they are Irish so being ‘dumb as soup’ is a given.:rofl::rofl:


You can feck off with the Palace comment :wink:

As for Full Ham - who gives a shit




Interesting to see what happens with Ramos and the doping suggestions on Football leaks. Injections from the team doctor into his knee apparently and then he showered before the test which is forbidden.


It’s Villa v Bluescum tomorrow, can’t wait.


West Ham - Shitty today. I can wait. :confounded:


52 minutes gone and it’s Eibar 2-0 Real Madrid

@ICHM will be beside himself with joy :smile:


You bet :rofl:


Stay calm, Bob.

It’s 3-0 now!