The Football


Nice strike from Lingard


USA defence are shite


Could be a murdering here.


Nah, we’ll bring Rooney and Henderson on in the second half. That’ll stop the goal fest :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sourced through a financial website, rather than football journalism.

Hope springs eternal.


Odds of him getting greedy and bumping the price at the last minute, Levy-Style ?


Scotland beat 10 men Albania 4-0 were “A joy to watch” and “outstanding from begining to end”. :joy:


I hate international weekends


2 sitters missed in one minute



Jeez. What do we need to do here to score. Kane misses twice, again.


Should be game over. We’ll regret missing those chances, Croatia can’t play as bad as that in the second half.




Awful defending


Barkley off. Should have been replaced earlier. Loses the ball too much.


At last.

Now get the winner against these cynical cunts.


Get in!


Lol, Kane MOTM

Who chose that? Stevie Wonder?


How was the ‘best defender in the world’ Lovren? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Slower than me.


Wow! New stylish CFC Xmas fashion. Eat your hearts out. :heart_eyes:image