The Football


That Lerma own goal




Feck! I had Burnley to win 2-0 tonight.



Thought it had 0-0 written all over it - though my other forecasts this weekend were just as bad.:tired_face:

NB: Just checked and seems I went for 2-1 Burnley - still wrong.:unamused:


Hutton is a donkey and a cunt but that was a half decent effort. :grin:


Comparing Hutton to Maradona is a bit like comparing a Redcar Donkey to Nijinsky.



Well it’s better than a picture of a jockey on a ballet dancer’s back in the final furlong of the Derby


Rafa wins three on the spin with that squad. That stupid fat cunt Ashley doesn’t know he’s born.


Well if that is the case, why don’t you practice your first touch and lose the fucking weight you have gained over the last six months? Divvy


Please, please Roma win tonight.

The question is, do I watch United pathetically lose 1-0 tonight or do I watch Juve?


I really don’t mind, Bob. You can choose.


Matic and lollipop, FFS.

Rashford is never going to get any ball.


Hope you managed to stay awake long enough to see the lollipop score the winner.


Comfortable win, cruising serenely into the knock out rounds. Where we’ll be knocked out.


I turned it off at half time, I was in danger of death by boredom :wink:



Read that earlier. His stepdad sounds like a right cunt


Can’t believe the game I’m witnessing at Villa Park - 20 minutes in and it’s 3-2 to Forest.


Yessss! Tammy Abraham first half hat trick @chelseadave