The Football


2nd best to everthing here. Not being helped by the ref who is going to Qatar on his holidays next year, it seems.


I’d boot Neymar off a cliff, no bother.




Me too, but you’d sign him for your club in a heartbeat.


I wouldn’t have the workshy cunt anywhere near us. Can think of 5 players I’d have ahead of him easily.


Don’t you like him then?



5-4 Villa!


I do believe your defence requires some attention…


Fucking state of Tiago Silva.


5-5 Forest have had 5 shots on target!


I think that’s beyond question.


Not necessarily.



Gomez isn’t a left back and the midfield is pants.

No speed or guile. A number ten is sorely missing. JK seems to be unable to move from his formation, either.

Can’t believe the forest score.


Same old, same old.:weary:
Klopp Out.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Sorry only 5.


It’s the JT effect. Presumably he’s coaching the defence, rather than the attack?


Jesus that was a nuts game!


He’s been off sleeping with their wives while that game was going on. They weren’t able to focus.


I think that’s what the wives were shouting,


So he did.