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Villa playing well at Boro and sticking it to that twat Pulis.


May 2019


Can’t see him lasting that long tbh


Lukaku’s scored. Is it a leap year?


We are always shit with Matic and lollipop playing.


Not any more


Great result, that for me at least confirms we’re not pissing about anymore.


Soton looked the better side for a good chunk of that game. Credit to Utd for coming back from two down, but that performance really isn’t good enough.


They still look clueless. You do wonder what on earth they are working on in training.


Well, yes. If they looked like they had a game plan it would be a start.

Mourinho seems to have passed his sell by date.


This was an odd incident yesterday.

the ball was stopped rather than being played forward to the guy making the cross.


Couldn’t see anything wrong myself. Apart from the bad decision, obviously.


‘Pulis, what’s the score? Pulis Pulis what’s the score?’ :smile:


What was wrong with it?

When the ball is played or touched is the wording on Law 11 on the FA website. I don’t know if played forward used to be in the offside law, but it isn’t now as far as I can see:

“A player in an offside position at the moment the ball is played or touched* by a team-mate is only penalised on becoming involved in active play by:”

*The first point of contact of the ‘play’ or ‘touch’ of the ball should be used

Apparently the highly paid ex player giving expert advise on the voice over hasn’t read the law recently either


Baggies on Friday, well go like 5th if we win that on goal difference. Might even make the Herculean effort to go to a few games next year.


It seems the law has changed from my understanding of it. AFAIK it used to be based on the ball being played forward.

Mind you, it’s rather a long time since I played the game :thinking:


Really looking forward to that. Most of my friends support the Tesco Bags, so lots of wind up opportunities.

The only thing I’ll say in their favour is they at least support their local team. Other than that they’re Baggies twats.


I only have any idea as eldest has become a young ref in the past 18 months so we have actually read the rules recently

It becomes increasingly apparent that the “experts” on tv and radio haven’t ever bothered and just believe they know the rules as they used to run around on grass after a ball a few times a week

I am only wish I could be paid so much for so little knowledge, based on something completely different I used to do 20 years ago

Back to cynical it would appear :joy:


England drawn with Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Kosovo for Euro 2020 qualifiers

Pretty happy with that.

Northern Ireland get Netherlands, Germany, Estonia and Belarus, Lol. Group of death.


Wales in Group E with Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary & Azerbaijan

Scotland in Group I with Belgium, Russia, Cyprus, Kazakhstan & San Marino

Republic of Ireland in Group D with Switzerland, Denmark, Georgia & Gibraltar