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Anyone know what’s behind his new bulk ? Is he working out like Ronaldo (Portugal) or Ronaldo (Brazil) ?


Mince pies?


He started Christmas back in the summer then!

I wonder when he put his tree up ?


So, Liverpool fans. Are Keita and (esp) Fabinho getting a decent crack of the whip?

I appreciate Keita has had gargh for a while, but I’d have thought by this stage of the season, in such a big game, they’d have more to offer than the usual 3 suspects

Whats going on ?


If you look at Klopp’s MO with Robertson, he introduces new players very slowly.

I’m not too concerned about Fabinho because he’s played quite a lot of football in a short space of time with Brazil.

Keita I think will see more action this month, as the schedule heats up.


Keita looked good for the short time he played

Last night was disappointing especially Hendo


Fair point about Robertson, though both Keita and esp. Fabinho have much greater pedigree: Robertson came from Hull !

Still. The midfield 3 were left wanting, and then some, last night. He’s managed to get away with it for a season or so, but he’d better get his skates on bedding them in, or this season will be as good as over before Christmas.


That’s exactly why Robbo has hit the ground running.

Excellent pedigree and feeder club.



True that. But still … :slight_smile:


There is a horse called Klipperty Klopp running tomorrow - will have to throw a few quid away on it.:rofl:


Barney nails it


one of @ICHM favourite players to earn £3M for sitting on his arse till the New Year



If he doesn’t play he only gets 325k a week. He will scrape along.

Quite why we bought a player for a position we have well covered is a mystery to me.


rarely does the word only look so lost and out of place in a sentence :roll_eyes:




Southampton goalie trying to make a Man Utd game entertaining :grin:




Jose’s gonna be fumin


Jose needs to be sacked. All these lumbering giants plodding around the pitch. It’s from another time.


When did mop head get a haircut? Missed that.