The Gentleman's Nap -

In midlife years the afternoon nap has become a requirement. So much so, I bought a collapsible hammock for the office - It is not great but suffices for now. I kind of wish I’d looked more into it and got one of these (But without the weird background midget.):

Or Sold some HiFI and bought one of these:

2:30 - 4pm is the favored time, I rather look forward to it:

There seems a fine line between well rested and well cabbaged. Apparently Einstein would nap with a coin in his hand so that when he reached the boarders of deep sleep his hand would relax and the coin would drop to the floor rousing him from his reverie at the optimum moment. I guess he didn’t have carpets.

What say you Meat Men? What is the optimum? What is your ritual? Recently I tried this guided power nap:

Sadly what might have been a good idea simply roused Mr MWS who felt the need to ‘ruminate’ on the bespectacled mind meddler for fucking hours - Naps window slammed closed in furious frustration

Retired bods, do you doze? I’ve heard the gold standard is two nappets per day?

  • Your thoughts gentle butchers please

I find two large glasses of water beforehand to be a good wake up call.


if I am not busy I can manage a nap for an hour - Tend to do it less in the summer.

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If only she had not delicius mouth

Dealerscum: Play with records and HiFi all day with afternoons interspersed with naps. Where do I sign?


Not so much a gentleman’s nap but…

I might have mentioned that one of the projects I’m managing is primary school window wall replacement for a county council. Ripping out 40/50 year old Crittall window walling and installing modern double glazing instead. A lot of the old window wall has asbestos panels at the bottom, so the double glazing contractor normally sub-contracts an asbestos removal specialist.

This pic was sent to me yesterday by one of the Head Teachers - a asbestos removal operative having a kip on the job in the gym room :rolling_eyes:

She wasn’t too pleased.


Shut eye in the face of Asbestosis = Nap hero!.

I trust you pointed out how courageous he was to the headmistress and refereed her to the research conducted by the national sleep association: - " A short nap of 20-30 minutes can help to improve mood, alertness and performance."
Rounding the conversation off with “It’s all part of the service Mam”


Usually at the crossroads


I ain’t selling my soul to Strozetto.

Best thing I ever did (although I appreciate that one day I may come to regret it).

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…he’s already in you

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The Snooker World Championship is ideal nap fodder. I particularly enjoy intra-frame micro-naps followed by inter-frame power-naps.


If I sign up, are these the sort of naps I can expect? :flushed:

Is that Stronzetto in his younger days?

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I do prefer a nice soothing nap and quite enjoy a pleasant chamomile tea prior to the sacred hour(s).
Nap time always follows a nice luncheon which usually comprises of some form of gloop encased in pastry. They call it a pasty but god only knows what lies within…
I tried a cheese ‘pasty’ the other week, the subsequent nap was trios bizarre, not too unlike the above ditty but punctuated by imagery from Juliet bravo and the sound of spit the dog laughing.


I’m sure he would like to think so but the Brazil nut has but one damned red eye, forgoes food in favor of glue and currently fancies himself as a Lothario cum political leader. Benny was far more harmless.

Benny Stronzetto has a nice ring to it though