The Gentleman's Nap -


If you often nap during the day after a meal it could be a sign your metabolism is struggling. It was for me, although I didn’t realise at the time. Especially after shovelling pastry!

I get really weird dreams if I sleep during the day

How I can shovel pastry and nap without this new thorn in my reality?

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Put the pastry down and ask your quack for a pre-diabetes test? Really, napping during the day was a symptom of mine. Post meds and weight loss I don’t daytime nap at all. Quite the opposite.

Still miss the sausage rolls tho’.

Music to nap to:


I have always been this way, should I be dead yet?

As meatmen strive in all directions for quality and perfection I have slowly, humbly been withdrawing from the waking world in favor of delightful rest and relaxation. The Schumann resonators and negative iron generators allow for a mighty kip but I am compelled to explore further. It is not a choice, I have no choice, no will power can quench the thirst for maximum flop. I am therefore looking to whittle my lifestyle to a finely honed point of sloth.

First up is the work / rest ratio. I will soon be re modeling the office to incorporate one of these bastards:

A practical solution with nice storage options - looking at the figures I should be able to spend 40-65% more time horizontal. I had to look at what will really fit in so sadly I had to rule out the rocking bed


Anyone else into ‘grounding?’ which way round do you fit your sheet?




Just needs some wheels and a small engine then you can nap on the moors.

I think it would be very fine fun to let him fall asleep in that and then without waking him, take it to the top of a nice steep slope. :ok_hand:


When a gentleman takes to his bed it is the height of rudeness to fuck with him in any way.


Unless it’s Kiki Dee


Would Stronzetto echo that sentiment, I wonder ?

Wouldn’t that look a bit like this.

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Should be in the ‘I Want’ thread

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Basic headwear for napping on the go will soon be available form ‘Fugu-nap-foo’




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Are they generating, like, anti-iron ? If they are then for heaven’s sake keep them away from your cartridges. And your haemoglobin.


Now this should be in the want thread.

Temperature is critical for deep REM - Seen Michael Stipe recently? Nope, he’s napping his shiny happy nips off with a climate controlled bed

Meat Men are leading the charge in Primo napping - Bravo