The Joys of ULEZ

Time for a dedicated ULEZ thread I thought.

The new Glasgow LEZ is especially cuntish. If you enter the ULEZ area in a non-compliant vehicle you are fined £60. Each subsequent infraction within three months of the first fine doubles the fine.

I heard on the local news that one poor chap had fallen foul four times and had been fined a hefty £900 in total. That’s going to sting.

In the borough where I live (Lambeth) 58% of households do not own a car or a van.

And a breakdown of car ownership by income and inner / outer London:

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Is there a charge you can pay before you get to fine level?
London £12.50 for instance which becomes a substantial fine if you don’t pay the charge.
Or is Glasgow instant fine for non compliant vehicles.?

I think that is the case.

Extract from council website:

All vehicles entering the city centre zone area must now meet the less-polluting emission standards or face a penalty charge.

Good cash generator though for them to waste on unused cycle lanes and superfluous one way systems…
Number of LEZ contraventions per month:
Month: Number of Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) issued:
June 2023 2,922
July 2023 5,933
Assuming it’s all first offences that’s over half a mil in two months.

I’m sure their motives are entirely altruistic. :wink:

They’re not shy about hitting the motorist where it hurts though. They put up parking bay charges 400% this year in the southside. Apparently they were equalising our parking charges with those of Edinburgh. Utter cunts. Four hundred fucking per cent in the middle of a cost of living crisis. CUNTS.

I think that low emission zones should be in every city.

That said, delivery companies and the like should be hardest hit (basically forced to use EVs), rather than the occasional visitor to town, who may not know about the scheme.

They should also start cheap and ramp up with more visits.

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I get the sentiment but it practice it just fcks the poor drivers who can’t afford a new car. It’s all done via ANPR so I think a better solution might be to limit the number of visits a car can make to the city centre ULEZ zone a month rather than punish the poorest.

Lots of people commuting in horrendously polluting cars every day when there are numerous options for public transport. Someone going in once or twice a year in an old car to pick something or someone up isn’t causing that much damage.


I was a big fan of the SNP particularly during the Independence Referendum era but they have made an absolute James Hunt of running Glasgow, they have no fucking clue what they are doing, pissed money away left right and centre, place is a tip, everyone expected to pay more but see nothing in return. Not sure what’s next tbh but SNP need to either sort themselves out or gtf out of Glasgow,

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I’m an SNP voter too but you’re not wrong about Glasgow. The state of the place is embarrassing. Between the bams, the rubbish, the dog turds and the orange walks, Glasgow reddit is in a state of perma rage. It’s hysterical.

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I don’t know what the situation is like in Glasgow, but the point in London is that the poorest don’t own cars. Indeed the majority don’t own cars.

I couldn’t wait to get rid of mine in 1995 when I moved from a job in Livingston to central Edinburgh. It was an absolute liability.

Only got a car again in ~2017 when we sold my mother’s flat so couldn’t keep her car there anymore.

You missed the rat epidemic, the pied piper of hamlet would have his work cut out for him.

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London is a very different beast with excellent public transport options 24/7. Glasgow doesn’t have night buses anymore, tube shuts at 10pm, train services before midnight.
Lots of reasonably wealthy people in the city centre or west end choose not to have cars, similar to my experience of my time in London. If you live and work in the city centre you don’t need one.
I only got my first car in 2015 as I lived and worked that close to town I didn’t need one. Though I did have the use of my dad’s car if required.
However, if you live in the outskirts, work in the trades or need to travel at night for work a car or van is pretty much a necessity. Only the very poorest don’t have cars unless it’s a conscious choice not to own one.


Absolutely, no disputing that.

Really? That’s shit. The punitive approach to cars without an adequate public transport answer doesn’t seem well thought through.

TBF I used to walk nearly everywhere in Edinburgh but recently walking has become more difficult and I’m thanking my lucky stars for a decent bus network.

When we first moved to London I stupidly assumed that I would be able to walk to work like I had done for many years. I actually did that for the first 9 months while we were renting but it’s extremely rare. There were two other guys from my office in the same block specifically because it was walkable :smile:

Sounds like a tax on the hard of thinking.


It’s an absolute shitshow. They cancelled the night bus service pretty much in tandem with introducing the ULEZ. Totally fcked hospitality workers, cleaners, nurses etc.

I used to work in the wharf so when I stayed there I never moved anywhere I couldn’t either walk to work or get the DLR. I fcking hated the tube during rush hour. I was pretty lucky though in that I didn’t have any family responsibilities.

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The joys of being practically stripped to the waist with sweat dripping off the end of your nose :smile:

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Suited and booted with your nose stuck next to some smelly bastards armpit… though that might just be me cause I’m short. I got caught on the central line one day in the middle of summer, train stuck in tunnel for 40 mins and I swore never again. It was always limehouse or all saints area after that.

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That would put town-centre businesses at a competitive disadvantage. In some places that wouldn’t matter much. In others it might increase the number of boarded up shops to the point where practically no-one goes to the town centre to shop. I guess it’s only a temporary problem as ICE vehicles will likely be gone in a couple of decades.

So it all comes down to money in the end?