The longest resurrection

BBC News - Genesis reunite for first tour in 13 years


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Couldn’t agree more

It’s taken them that long to agree what track to play on their new tour.



Remember a friend seeing them at Wembley stadium in the late 80s saying it was the best thing he’d ever seen. Not sure if he’d been to many other gigs

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Someone cares?

Op cares otherwise he wouldn’t have posted. :shushing_face:

I was reading a piece about who releases music on R2R now & came across a band called Djabe who’ve done some stuff with Steve Hackett.
Not quite my thing but some here may be interested

They never finished touring. They are still on the drum solo from the 2001 Wembley gig.

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After once being a Genesis fan I have grown to hate them
I mostly blame Phil Collins.


Pip is a mensch, I had hoped they would have a special guest duet for the tour and prayed for Kiki but I don’t think I could control my rapture should this come to pass.

Fuck all yall.

Summarises nicely the entertainment/musical content of this entire pointless resuscitation.

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In which language is that the word for cunt?

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I fear for your souls, how can everyone be so down on Buster?

“You can’t hurry love”, said Phil Collins, although to be fair he wrote this before the invention of PornHub.


covered :grinning:

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Just a bit

Plus I bet Phil Collins would have stopped singing if his ear-ring fell off half way through.