The Masters


Credit to Rose, generous towards Sergio in his interview, despite the obvious disappointment


To see the comradeship between them, even if Rose lost, was a pleasure.

To be at the top of your game takes another to challenge.


Rose is all class - hope he wins the Open.


You kept that bloody quiet that you are an actual golfer. :slight_smile:


Very pleased for Garcia.

The best description of the greens I heard was, it is like putting down a glass staircase and trying to stop the ball halfway.

Roll on the Ryder.

And The Open.


Chuffed for Sergio. When he hit that crazy drive out of bounds I thought he was gone.

If he could putt he would have won a few majors by now, ditto Lee Westwood.


I heard a similar comment that an average PGA club pro would be lucky to break 100.

I wonder if you can get on there with a County card? :grinning:


Sergio won’t be winning again after he had a bit of a nightmare on 15 - only went in the water 5 times.:rofl:

Only had two little speculative bets before the start and one is Tony Finau @ 260/1 (laid off my stake at 25/1 now) so I’ll be cheering for him.:sunglasses:


Shot 1: Fairway
Shot 2: Water
Shot 3: Drop
Shot 4: Water
Shot 5: Drop
Shot 6: Water
Shot 7: Drop
Shot 8: Water
Shot 9: Drop
Shot 10: Water
Shot 11: Drop
Shot 12: Green
Shot 13: In the hole

Home by Saturday


Bubba Watson putts into a bunker.:rofl::rofl:


I have decided i that i might be a better player than Sergio.
I played yesterday and managed to keep a 13 off my card :grin:


McIlroy jammy as fuck to get away with that first tee shot.


He has to stay on to present the jacket to the winner.
A bitter pill.


Yes, I realised that just after I posted it. Still, I expect he’s in a nice B & B and gets out for a burger and a pint.


That was a put and a half! (JS)


Great final round - nearly always the best few hours of sport of the year.


Anyone but reed


I can’t tell you how many places I am seeing that sentiment tonight!
If he does win Nike might get him a shirt that fits.


What’s he done wrong?

He was great last night but a bit meh today.


Ryder Cup gloater