The Masters



Yep. Now I remember.


Lol, like none of the Europeans have gloated when we’ve won points.

Reed is competitive and has played a great fighting round today. I expect the cunt will win it now.

Speith walked off like a scolded child, he’s a cunt too.

Rory blew his chance on the first nine, the cunt.


His forehead is



They all have those foreheads, it comes from getting $100k/yr for wearing a twat hat, unlike the club golfists who pay £25 in the club shop for the privilege of actually look like a twat


I know.

A bit like cyclists. The amateurs see it as a badge of honour. I’m sure the pros just can’t avoid it.

I don’t know why they can’t do something to resolve it at it’s truly hideous



You do need a hat with a decent peak, especially when playing in long summer evenings with a low sun.
I have never paid £25.00 to look like a twat though.
I manage to look a total twat on a much smaller budget!


Congratulations to Patrick Reed on winning the 2018 Masters. I feel a bit sorry for Rickie Fowler but his first major willl come soon. The last two rounds have been the most entertaining for a few years.


Never used to wear a hat,would find it annoying


No you don’t

Here’s some pretty average golfists who didn’t usually bother






All of those guys also have plenty of hair, sunburn is another consideration in the summer.
I am talking about myself here, most club players i know don’t wear hats unless it is low sun, or raining.
Apart from winter when it is freezing when bobble hats are de rigueur


Excellent battling effort from Reed and a deserved winner.

Unlike the first three rounds he didn’t birdie any of the Par 5’s on Sunday so had to make his score on the more difficult holes. He would have heard and seen that Spieth was charging so to stay in the zone and birdie 12 and 14 was superb.

His putting was tremendous all week, unlike Rory who once again totally bottled it - pathetic.


I enjoyed watching it last night, the challengers fell away, a play off would have been fun, but a worthy winner!

God it looks so bloody great doesn’t it?


I enjoyed watching Reed, he just quietly got the job done. Never known an American to be so unpopular, more enjoyable without all the whooping etc

Rory let it slip with missed put on the 2nd, could have applied some pressure being level at the 3rd.


Spieth will really be kicking himself as well.

He was 7 under for his first 17 holes on Thursday and 9 under for his first 17 holes on Sunday.
He really blew it on Friday/Saturday and must really hate the 18th.


I don’t think he is unpopular it is just that the Augusta Club expect certain standards.
Spectators are known as ‘patrons’ and they know who each and every one of them are.
No cameras are allowed or mobile phones, and shouts of ‘get in the hole’ etc leads to ejection from the course and a lifetime ban on future tickets.


Good point.

Probably why I enjoy watching the Masters. McElroy got a much louder cheer on the first tee though.


Probably because 50% of Americans think they are Irish! :grinning:


He is definitely unpopular amongst the golf fraternity - at the very least he is considered a loner.

Despite his Ryder Cup exploits he doesn’t really integrate with the other PGA players and he has not spoken to his family for years after marrying his wife and it’s his wifes family who are his main entourage.


Much as I enjoy watching the Masters, the Augusta club itself is an utter disgrace. Bunch of elitist, ignorant wankers.


Agreed. Much of which contributes to why golf as a business is in recession.

And, while it’s not my thing, lifetime bans for getting shouty at a sports event is extreme and epitomises how golf is still intertwined with power and elitism.

I love the Masters but feel slightly dirty supporting it.