The Milk Float Thread

With us, MrsKettle is very aware of crash protection for kids in the back which is the reason why we got the Passat GTE rather than the Golf. If one car needs to go back to the shop, we still want the other one to not have the rear seats in the crumple zone so a small second car really isn’t on the agenda.

We kind of run this model. The wife has the piss coloured suv and I have the lovely black convertible.

Seen an e-tron in the flesh for the first time today. They are absolutely MASSIVE.

Huge. I saw one yesterday.

The Taycan looks lovely in the flesh though.

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I think the Audi platform has got a lot of potential, because the very good charging curve they achieve. It will be good to eventually see it in something A4 sized.

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This thread or the pork?

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Zoe wins

BP Chargemaster has just doubled the price of its 150kW chargers. Which is great for those of us whose cars don’t charge above 50kW, thanks! :roll_eyes:

Oh dear


They could make an electric Cygnet 2.

Range: 40 miles.

Yes, that’s because they’ll go with the seldom seen ‘no battery and a really long mains lead’ design approach.

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Ah wait, compliance car already done.


40 mile range on 350 D cells*

*batteries not included.

Has anybody had a chargepoint fitted?

Planning to get one fitted to the outside of the garage.

Yep. What do you need to know?

How spendy was it? Which one did you get?
Don’t need anything more than a low power one for the moment.

A bit over a grand less the government grant (was 500 quid, think it is 350 now). We went for a Zappi as we have solar panels.