The Milk Float Thread


I agree, and it that’s what it came down to in my decision making.


Personally I didn’t make any comparisons was just commenting on my experience of a friends S. However, the Tesla is completely different to a Porsche. Twice as fast for starters :smile:



Comes with a black and white cat by the looks of it.


I am surprised they haven’t taken the opportunity to have lower visibility panels in the doors so they have a better view of the pedestrians or cyclists they are about to hit…


PR shite. The likelihood of Royal Mail investing in the infrastructure to run even a quarter of our fleet as EVs is precisely Zero.

By the mythical 2040 internal combustion deadline, RM won’t even exist in its current form, it’ll just be Hermes with red vans.




Everyone is going electric, looks like most are hedging their bets with petrol/battery hybrids. probably tells me that the battery tech and charging infrastructure isn’t quite there yet, the latter is obvious.


Good, if prosaic, in-depth Tesla 3 review - just skip bits where necessary.

I have to say the interior of this car looks especially disappointing. I expect that specification will be around £40k in the UK.

It looks pretty tacky - budget S Korea spec “leather” and awful swtichgear, which is ironic given that they don’t have to put much into a car like this.

Look at the window controls and especially the stalk controls. Nasty. Also, no rain-sensing wipers in 2017? I really hope that’s just a pre-production oversight from Tesla, otherwise that’s a hilarious omission on a £40k car.

Other than the excellent looking drivetrain, the usual premium brand suspects will not be too concerned.

Do Amercians think this is a good interior because of comparisons with their native car brands? Surely they get enough exposure to BMW/Audi/MB/Jag/Lexus now?

I am disappoint.


and…I thought the interior of the Model X was a bit “Mondeo” at a starting price of £75k


The thing is, it’s entirely possible to do a “minimalist” interior and still have quality come through. This isn’t, though.


As long as they are more sensible than the ones on my Alfa 159 which can ignore a lake but set off the wipers like a terrier’s tail at a hint of mist.


Of course, but that’s implementation. The sensing wipers on both our current cars (2011 Volvo, 2013 BMW) are excellent and have a wide range of sensitivity adjustment.

Alfa just doing Alfa things.


I have cooled on Tesla, mainly because I am suspicious about reliability/QC, and I fully expect real car companies (that can make reliable cars that work) to catch up very soon.

But I still am completely not bovvered by the lack of auto windscreen wipers. Total irrelevance to me. I’ve had them on one car and they annoyed me by being wrong about the rain. Caveat: car was French.


“Seems it never rains in southern California…”


As an ex automotive oem engineer it no longer surprises me what customers will cite as feature/ spec deal breakers.

The more important thing is to max the positive buying features- and an attractive desirable interior is something that you’d think Tesla should have paid more attention to.


There’s a certain mental “totting-up” that goes on before you say, “Hang on, this isn’t for me”. Individually it might be something quite trivial, but the accumulation of things affects decision making.


Not-having-made-cars-before + America’s woefully low production standards. When Detroit’s your nearest major example, it sets the bar way too low…


I think Mexico is now the nearest ‘American’ production centre