The Milk Float Thread


Fundamentally there don’t appear to be enough (strong) drivers to buy over barriers to purchase in your case. Agree it’s not about a single issue but you’d be surprised how many people do reject cars on the number of wiper settings, shape of key fob etc.


I think there must be other more fundamental underlying reasons - they can’t really afford it etc.

You don’t not buy a car because of a key fob.


Looks like a crap Korean car, no thanks.


Having seen the interior of the new Bentley, cheap and nasty in a 40k Tesla is ok by me, nobody does nice interiors anymore. If it is anything like as good to drive as the model S then it will be miles ahead of anything the big boys can come up with.


I was exaggerating :laughing:






I rather like it design wise. quality of materials is harder to judge, just because something looks or feels tacky doesn’t mean it hasn’t been engineered to last.

I don’t really mind American cars though, they suit their market. I figured the 3 was aimed at things like the Accord Hybrid, Ford Taurus segment etc seems about in line with those.


It is a Pagani Huayra. And every single thing is hand machined from solid blocks in house. The cost is about £850,000.


Pagani Huayra.


had a look at a renault captur today , quite impressed by design but seems most of them have only a 89bhp engine . 0.9litre . seems a bit feeble and there were no 1.2 in the whole of brum

also went to the audi garage which is out of my league sadly but nice to ogle …the new q2 is delightful


Great. But this thread is about electric cars.


Like this? 100 mph.


I have had a Toyota Auris touring sport for just over a month. It’s the Excel spec and ex demo so has loads of extras fitted - my favourite is the glass roof.

The mpg isn’t that great, averaging about 45 mpg round the country roads and 60 on the motorway - I’d expected the other way around.

Don’t know where the “Sports” bit comes from 'cos it isn’t but it is a really pleasant and easy drive.

Love it.


or this…


ooops !




Is it the hybrid ?




45 mpg ?? I get more than that in a proper car :roll_eyes: