The Milk Float Thread


The website says 4.2 seconds. That’s an average acceleration of more than one g.

What would you do with it ? It accelerates over a quarter mile in 8.8 seconds. Given that you have to come to a (controlled) stop before the water’s edge could you actually get it up to its top speed on Fetlar, even in theory ?



It isn’t compulsory to go the full 1/4 mile :grinning: Just the sensational acceleration would be enough to tempt me. Besides, if I did (which I never will) own one, I would take it to the track.

Clearly useless on Fetlar. Unless I took it to the airfield…


LOL, skim-read that and thought to myself 0-60 in 4.4 isn’t even that great any more.

Then read it properly :smiley:


I did exactly the same, then saw it was under 2s :heart_eyes:

And you can fit the kids in the back


If you had that sort of dosh, you could buy a light aircraft then…


True, but I don’t have a pilot license


On the plus side

  • outperforms £million+ hypercars
  • costs “only” £190K.

On the negative side

  • looks like a replacement for the Mazda RX8
  • that level of acceleration is beyond what a lot people can cope with and remain in full control of the car, especially when some of it’s lateral-g

I like the less showy looks mind.


For the first time since my bollocks dropped, I haz da car envy :cold_sweat:


You can’t get as much in it as in an Astra LD though.



I suspect the car does most of the work on that front; the level of electronic stability etc in things like the P100D is very high.


Does a car weighing eleventy tonnes need stuff like that?


That level of automotive excellence is beyond what I can even afford to dream about, sadly… :cry:


Would be a good stepping stone to learn about power and performance before you get an Astra estate.




A friend of mine has one of those in his collection of odd vehicles & quite frequently uses it for trips to the shops or even going to work! A rare thing as almost all were recalled & scrapped.


I can imagine Simon wearing a pair of them as shoes - one of his more tasteful choices…


I used to drive an Astramax 1.6D for work, I tell you, NOTHING was so fast in Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire or Yorkshire…


I don’t know about the other three but in Lincs surely that’s because EVERYTHING was stuck behind a farmer taking some of his dirt out for a drive.



Phone picy taken from a slide (the wrong way around!) on the morning of my first day at work…

I don’t even recognise myself!

BTW I’m the one stood up :rofl:


Who you gonna call… :wink: