The Milk Float Thread


Oh god that was 26 years ago…


And very much pre toblerone. Are you sure that isn’t shiptwiglet instead?


Yes pre Toblerone, re @rmsshipbroker, oh god do you think we were separated at birth :scream:?


Somebody has to bring the average down…


If you were, it was from a normal size person.




Twiglets are lovely and worth £2 of anybody’s money…


i’m only jealous mate…

…wish i was twiglet shaped :disappointed_relieved:


It has its disadvantages.
Other people don’t tread on the cracks on the pavement purely through superstition…


At least you survived the jump to warp speed in that Astramax van!

… which appears to be the left hand drive model with the rare “backwards sign-writing” option. :rofl:



LOL, I wonder which hi-fi brand they will pick for their super-premium audio system?


Dunno, they don’t even have one for the premium sound option on the Model S. It was developed in conjunction with an offshoot of Harman Group, but it’s not using any of their marques.


Dear Lord, wifey has begun mooting the idea of replacing her car with an overpriced milk float, based almost entirely on seeing a BMW i3 silently enter and exit a pub car park.


Sometimes that is all that is needed. That and the colour.


Next time your near one, almost get run over and curse the silent running bastard machine.


Tesla will not supply parts to customers for their cars, so this chap breaks and rebuilds them himself.

Tesla aren’t keen apparently.

The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)

Looks like electric cars really will actually work soon.


Fuck that, Audi-cunts able to creep up on you in their electric cars :scream:


electricity flow rate of 350kW