The Milk Float Thread




That’s all well and good and makes absolute sense, i would use one for my 30 minute commute in a heart beat.
The problem is that it all sound intensely boring, they’ll have to prise my 3L straight 6 from my cold dead hands.


I think that driving isn’t much fun any more - there are too many rules making it all safer and boring shit like that. Manual driving should be consigned to specific areas for fun - let there be more race tracks!


I kind of agree with you Adam, there’s not much pleasure to be had in day to day driving these days, but you can find it if you try.

For instance my drive down to Lopwell this year, avoiding motorways as much as possible was lovely, truly enjoyable for 95% of the journey.

The side effect of less cars on the road will be that driving will become more enjoyable for those inevitable enthusiasts who will never be without a car or motorcycle.


Driving dull generic cars in congested towns and cities is an horrific experience, for several different reasons. Oxford is a point in case.
I still greatly enjoy driving in open countryside for driving’s sake, ive no interest in thrashing my fun road car on a track, it’s not fit for purpose. More tracks isnt the answer.


Better tracks would be good though - ones with narrower lanes, more undulating, that kind of thing. More skill and variety over absolute speed.


Yep, a Nurburgring - Uk stylee would be great :heart_eyes:


that is the exact tactic we deploy - it makes the journey itself part of the trip, rather than a chore.


I dunno, Twisty A roads are only any good until you’re stuck behind some cunt who refuses to go any faster than 30 :frowning:


Get up and out early and get a fast car to overtake safely. Jobs a goodun.


that doesn’t matter - either overtake when safe, or just chill out. In Scotland, IME, drivers driving slowly, make good use of the passing places to allow traffic to pass them.

Who cares, though - last thing we need is aggressive drivers hassling other drivers.


Nail. Head.

I can nip home in my lunch break, chuck half a dozen bags of garden waste in the back, drive them to the tip, then back to work. Never mind the resulting leaves, grass-cuttings etc that have escaped into the boot. I’ll sort them out when I get home this evening.

How will that work then ? (And another five hundred comparable scenarios.)



Hopefully there will be a vehicle for every occasion


Hopefully someone will discover a cure for cancer and the Arabs and the Israelis will just decide to stop scrapping with one another and rub along instead.



I would never, ever hassle the driver in front, regardless of how snail-like their driving is.

You’re right about Scotland, but there’s hardly any traffic up there. Graham is right - a Sunday early morning blast is the best idea in the Uk, preferably on a bike!


It’s Goose Fair here today. The one day in the year our road isn’t filled with parked cars all along one side. I make a point of enjoying the drive along it without endlessly having to stop or duck between cars to make progress.


Between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m on Sunday morning was the quietest time for the M6 through the Lakes.

At 120 mph+ on two wheels, you start to appreciate the superb engineering of the cambers as you take the “racing line.”


When my late step-dad was in hospital I used drive up to Oxford to visit him three or four times a week. Every minute spent in the procession behind a snail was one less minute spent with him. There are reasons why this is part of the test.



There will be a range of vehicles. Some will be for hauling random shit. There will be fewer of these, so there may be a bit of a wait, so you book it in. It’s not hard. Certainly a fuck of a lot easier than solving the Middle East.


They’ll not do that either :smirk: