The Milk Float Thread


Twat the cable with an axe and see if it blasts you(r corpse) into orbit.


Once that’s reality I’m there.


I have/had a Golf GTE hybrid lease car from work. Went into the dealers for its scheduled first oil change on 10th Sept. Whilst in they said there had been a recall that the lease company had not told me about and that there were some updates for the control unit/engine management computer. They did the updates and could not get it to restart properly. VW Germany said fit a new computer and that did not solve it. Germany currently sifting through the data file sent by the dealer to see if they can find the problem. Still no sign of me getting the car back anytime soon!
I suggested that they should just switch it off and switch it back on again.
Ho hum.


Once they start releasing full electric Mondeos, Focus and Golfs it will surely be time to dive in. At the moment though the choice appears to be £70k budget fucker like a Tesla, I-Pace E-Tron or some ridiculous looking £30k noddy wagon (BMW i3, Leaf).

Just put some batteries in a normal fucking box, you cunts.


Setlle down pig, it won’t be long now.


We already have hybrid Mondeos to satisfy the smug pseudo environmentalist who have no idea but are moral warriors.
It’s only a matter of time for Ford to introduce a completely impractical full electric pile of merde.






BIG float.

Graphic of electric barge

The Nemo H2 uses hydrogen and oxygen to create electricity - the only by-product is water vapour.

And earlier this year, the Netherlands and Belgium announced a plan to launch zero-emissions, self-piloting container barges to sail from Amsterdam, Antwerp and Rotterdam. The barges could remove 23,000 lorries from the roads, claims Port Liner, the firm making the boats.

While retrofitting canal boats with electric engines and batteries is a time-consuming and expensive task, Amsterdam is hoping the cleaner air and waterways will attract more tourists, be better for wildlife, and contribute to carbon emission reduction targets.


Not if there is fuck-off huge autonomous barges plowing through all and sundry :flushed:


The typical tourist from the UK to Amsterdam is so feckin’ hammered/baked/stoned by lunchtime that not even fuck-off huge autonomous barges plowing through them would register. Unless, of course, the barges are loaded with Crunchies and Toblerones, in which case the munchies would be swiftly dealt with.


Good point, well made :+1:


Reason for freefallrob’s yacht revealed?


Nah, not big enough for all the Toblerone he would need…



I’m still working my way through that lorry load that ‘went missing’ a few years ago…


I think it’s obvious that it will go this way. Having millions of cars simply stored on the road, in parking facilities or in drives is entirely absurd - such a waste of resources, and what a mess. As long as people can get what they want - access to appropriate transport within a few minutes - I think that they will be quick to dump ownership.

It will be the end of private and public transport, in favour of a completely new system. There will be various vehicle sizes, you just tell your phone where you want to go (or more likely, it will just know), and the vehicle will turn up and take you there. Your preferences around speed and privacy will be taken into account in ascertaining the price.

It’ll be great.


And we can start playing football in the streets again with a tennis ball and coats for goalposts.


And get pissed and not worry