The Milk Float Thread

Old Nissan Leaf, you can get nice ones well under £10k

Battery lease though. Bah. Plus the I3 has a carbon fibre chassis.

So made of used coal. :rofl:



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But not a BMW and not (I don’t believe I’m going to use the next expression to describe BMW) cool.

Owned battery, £7,500, nice spec:

Although the battery lease gives you certainty of performance

Does it have a carbon fibre chassis?

I’m sure it has a heart of steel

More oof.

Going to have a drive of a Passat GTE on Saturday.

Haha, real drivers car that, make sure you get a manual gearbox to make the most of it :joy:


DSG rather than full manual, but still miles better than a Murican blobshift.

So no clutch pedal then for you to exercise your key driving skill of pushing your left foot up and down?

Behold the magnificence.


Yes, that looks like a nice caravan. Shame you couldn’t tale a close up.


I quite like the idea of plug in hybrids that get 30 miles on the battery. That’s enough for a lot of journeys - shopping trips and commutes for many people.

I don’t really have a problem with fuel being used on motorways that are out of town, it’s in towns that there is a problem. Now all we need are GPS-based systems that choose the appropriate fuel for where you are and, ideally, what your overall journey is.

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I saw some decent data about 12 months ago that hybrids are the most expensive for whole life costs.

£££s, carbon or both?

If you do it properly, then this shouldn’t be the case. However, most people probably don’t do it properly, just relying on the fact that it’s a hybrid so must be good.

Also, I don’t think that the software is there yet. Without better info on the intended journey and the nature of the roads, hybrids are not going to achieve their full potential. Indeed, I think that standard hybrids are absurd without this, and plug-in ones rather limited.

My driving is mostly short distances, which would be covered by the battery, with the occasional long haul 100-200 mile journey where the engine would be needed on the motorway. A plug-in hybrid would be ideal for me, but unfortunately I can’t charge it at home and don’t commute to work, so it’s all fucked. I know a lot of people who have just one constraint in the same way.