The Milk Float Thread


Are you on the billy whizz tonight? You’re loling all over the place… lol.


Yes, I’m pissed on my hols at the mo, unfortunately there’s footie on the tv, so I’m currently awake, it’s past 1am here… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That explains it … lol…


Bugger. But at least you found out in time.


Don’t miss out on this one as well…


Lucky escape :nerd_face:


I’ve just been looking into getting a used one of these. You can pick them up for £6k, and either leased battery for £70 per month or pay a bit more (£5k on the new price) to own it.

The electricity appears to be free if you sign up for polar plus for six months, then £7.85 per month afterwards. Seems nice and cheap.

On long journeys you can stop at most service stations and top up, with it taking 30 minutes to do at least 80% of the battery. Since we always need to feed the kids on long journeys, that’s no really problem.

I can’t charge at home, so i would be reliant on charging at the Waitrose at the school run, which could do 30 to 60 minutes per day. That would keep it mostly charged up. There are other charge points within a five minute walk of home, one is a 7kw one as well.

I might get one of these. What is the downside?


You’ll look a wanker. We’ll all laugh at you until you’re forced to sell it.


What is the downside?

No brown seats.


The day you need to do one more mile than the max range and you can’t find a charging point…


Where’s the upside?


That would be enough to put me off.


Have they designed a wireless version yet,that sits under your drive,and charges whilst parked.


Yes, currently being tested in Fukushima.


@stu the inability to charge at home has been what has always put me off. However, there​ are plenty of chargers nearby. A full charge would last for a week or more of the little local trips that we do (basically me getting the kids to clubs etc).

I think I would need to keep the Mazda for longer journeys, holidays, ferrying large items about and the like, but the Leaf would be used 90% of the time.


I’am surprised the hybrid cars haven’t taken off better.Engine for motorway miles,electric for around town.


They’ve sold a lot of Priuses, but in reality they seem to use the engine a lot. Practicality dictates the battery packs have been too small up to now.


Yeah the Prius is in some ways the worst option, as it has the weight of both engine and batteries


The Prius is the Copland Hybrid amplifier of the car world. It should be the best of both worlds but…


Well, if it has a range of 100 miles and you stop for a recharge of 80%, and feed your kids at the same time, if you drove to the south of France, your kids would be my size by the time you got there :grin: